Pastured Perfection

At Holdanca Farms, we focus on three main goals: raising free-range animals who lead happy, healthy lives; working with our environment to maintain sustainable practices; and producing healthy and delicious products for your table.

With careful management, we strive to achieve these goals through our pastures. Working with the ecosystem, forages, and soil; our unique process is how we produce perfection.

Field Notes...

June 7, 2015

Thanks to everyone for their support and condolences last week on the loss of Jane's uncle Lloyd; my family really appreciated it.


Things are really hopping on the farm these days – cows are calving, the grass is growing, and various groups of animals are moved daily to their fresh pasture. As a pasture-based farm, spring is the best time of the year to watch the grass grow, and it grows fast in the spring. The challenge is keeping it all in check while planning for late summer and fall when growth slows down, ensuring the animals have good pasture to eat until Christmas. If I do my job...

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