Our Products


Here at Holdanca Farms, all of our meats are processed at government inspected facilities (our chicken and turkey are processed at our on site, government- inspected plant).  


To provide the maximum freshness possible with all of our products, everything we sell has been vacuum sealed for the longest possible shelf life in your freezer.  While fresh product is often available during the processing season, most of our products have been frozen immediately after having been processed and sealed in a heavy gauge vacuum bag.  This provides an almost indefinite shelf life in your freezer, as there will never be any 'freezer burn'.


All of our pasture-fed beef comes from our own carefully raised herd, a mix of Angus, Hereford, Piedmontese and Belted Galloway cattle.  They are raised on forages only: pasture, hay and silage.

All cattle are moved every 1-3 days to fresh pasture to allow for good manure coverage on the fields and fresh grasses for the animals. This not only gives the beef a better flavour, it reduces saturated fat levels and raises levels of unsaturated fats, including omega-3 fats and conjugated linoleic acid, both of which are beneficial to human health.


Add this to the fact that our beef is not exposed to any antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products, and you have the healthiest, most delicious beef on the market.


Looking for something different on the grill?  The flavour of pasture raised pork is second to none.  


Raised in a similar method to our turkeys and chickens, our pork is finished without antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. Pigs graze mainly in morning and evening with over 50% of their diet coming directly from pasturing and rooting.


Raising pigs in this manner eliminates tail biting and stress related issues commonly found in larger mass production facilities. Our bigger pigs arrive in late March with smaller arrivals in late May.   Purchase by the side or by the cut when available.

Poultry & Eggs

Our chickens and turkeys spend most of their lives outside on the green grass with an all grain feed supplement. They are moved regularly to fresh pasture, ensuring that they always have fresh grass to eat and a healthier environment to live in. 


The end result speaks for itself. Not only does it taste great, it has elevated vitamin A, vitamin E and omega-3 fats along with lower levels of saturated fats.  As an added benefit, eggs from pastured chickens are also higher in omega-3 fats and vitamins A and E. 

Because our chickens and turkeys are certified free range, you are assured that they are free of antibiotics and animal by-products.


Whether lamb is a dinnertime staple, a rare treat, or something you've always wanted to try, pasture-raised lamb is sure to impress. 


Carefully selected and raised on a natural diet of pasture, hay and silage, our lamb has a wonderful natural flavour.  


Our grass fed lamb is raised in a similar method to our beef, giving it the best possible flavour and reducing the levels of saturated fat.  No antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products are used, allowing for the healthiest alternative to beef, pork or poultry on the market.


If you're unfamiliar with lamb, or just want to try new ways to enjoy it, make sure to check out our recipe page!