A Busy Spring at the Farm

Thanks to everyone for their support and condolences last week on the loss of Jane's uncle Lloyd; my family really appreciated it.

Things are really hopping on the farm these days – cows are calving, the grass is growing, and various groups of animals are moved daily to their fresh pasture. As a pasture-based farm, spring is the best time of the year to watch the grass grow, and it grows fast in the spring. The challenge is keeping it all in check while planning for late summer and fall when growth slows down, ensuring the animals have good pasture to eat until Christmas. If I do my job right, the sheep are belly-deep in grass and the cows are contentedly chewing their cuds on a lush carpet of green.


I plan to deliver into Halifax and Truro this Friday, June 12. For this week we will have the following items:

Poultry: We will have all cuts of chicken, as our first chicken of the season are now ready. This includes breasts (bone-in and boneless/skinless), legs, thighs, drums, wings, and ground. We have turkey breasts, wings, drums, and ground. Eggs look to be in good supply.

Pork: We have grilling chops, spare ribs, ham steaks, ham roasts, butt roasts and butt chops, ground, and bacon.

Beef: We have steaks (T-bone, rib, sirloin, wing, and tenderloin), stew, ground, and roasts.

Lamb: Our available lamb includes chops, stew, ground, legs, and racks.

Sausage: We still only have pork sausage available – breakfast, honey garlic, and Italian.

My delivery plan for this week is the following schedule:

10:30 -- Dartmouth Crossing

11:00 -- downtown Dartmouth

11:30 -- St. Patrick's Church on Brunswick St. in Halifax

12pm -- Argyle Street

12:30 -- 1540 Henry Street

1:30 -- Bayer's Lake

2:15 -- Bedford Commons

2:45 -- Enfield

3:00 -- Elmsdale

4:30 -- Truro, at the old Market parking lot.

If you would like to place an order, please let me know by Tuesday evening.

Thanks so much,


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