When it Rains, it Pours

So the last few days have seen me sprinting through knee-deep wet grass chasing wayward cows and sheep. Yesterday we had a 3 day old calf that got scared and bolted from the herd. I had phone calls from 3 neighbours about it running down the yellow line on the road heading west.

Despite looking for several hours along the road and in the grass and bushes near its last sighting, there was no sign of it by dusk. Fortunately, sound carries very well in the evening, and the calf's mother was bellowing through most of the night.

The next morning the little girl was resting just across the fence from its mother. I put it back in the field, and it has been stuck to its mother like glue ever since, even when the herd got into one of the hay fields.

Today alone my GPS tells me I covered over 10 km on foot moving and rounding up cattle, alongside my 3 summer workers. No need for a gym membership when you work at Holdanca Farms!


I will be delivering meat and eggs into Halifax and Truro on Friday June 26. For this week we again have ready-to-eat deli sliced ham from our free-range pigs. It is something that we will try to keep in stock from now on. We also will have a new product – smoked turkey breast, made from our own free range turkey. My brother-in-law swears this is better than smoked salmon, and he is a salmon guide. Both the ham and turkey slices are in 200 gram packages. We have lots of chicken this week – whole ones from 3 to 6.5 lb, plus all of the other cuts on our list. All cuts of pork and beef are available as well. Lamb should be in good supply, including chops, racks, legs, and shanks. We have turkey breasts, drums, wings, and ground. Sausages for this week are still all pork – breakfast, Italian, and honey garlic. We should have lots of eggs.

On June 26 I will be in Dartmouth Crossing at 10:30, downtown Dartmouth at 11, St. Patrick’s Church on Brunswick St. at 11:30, Argyle St. at noon, 1540 Henry St. at 12:30, Bayer’s Lake at 1:30, Bedford Commons at 2:15, Enfield at 2:45, Elmsdale at 3, and Truro at 4:30. If you would like to place an order, please let me know ASAP, and by Sunday evening if possible so I can get most order ready on Monday.

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