Chaos and Calm

Summer has finally arrived, and I am sure we are all glad for that!

I have to say that the last few weeks have been some of the most challenging I have had in farming – from a broken chicken plucker requiring weeks to repair, a leaky boiler that had to be replaced, to the loss of two of my cattle in the past week requiring a lot of work with my vet to figure out what was happening, there have been a lot of added stresses to this farming year.

However, Saturday evening I was down on the shore field checking on my cow herd, looking for new calves. One newborn calf was slow getting latched on to its mother. The calf is friendly, and readily comes to talk to me, and will suckle my fingers, but I had not yet seen it nursing to give me the assurance it is going to thrive. The mother is a bit shy, so when I tried to get the calf close to her udder, she warily stepped away and I had to move slowly to keep her calm. After half an hour of quietly trying, we finally had success!

As I write this, the sun has set, and in the dim light I can see and hear that the cattle are grazing, there are families of ducks quietly paddling along the shore, and further up the field, a doe and her fawn are settling into the tall grass where the cattle have yet to graze. The stresses of the past few weeks just seem small in the bigger picture.

Now, on to deliveries: I will be delivering this Friday, July 10. For this week we have a pretty good supply of most of our meats and eggs. Chicken is in very good supply now, from Cornish hens ready for the barbeque, to larger roasting chickens, and lots of chicken pieces, ground chicken, and ground backs for pets. There are pork chops and spare ribs for the grill, shoulder roasts for smoking or pulled pork, butt chops, ham roasts and steaks, bacon, ground pork, and deli-sliced ham. We have beef grilling steaks, ground beef, stew cubes, roasts, ribs, and soup bones. There is ground lamb, lamb racks, legs, shanks, and chops. Turkey breasts, drums, wings, ground, and sliced smoked turkey breast are available. For sausages we are still limited to pork breakfast, honey garlic, and Italian, as the time has not been there to work on other sausages yet. (Hopefully we'll have them soon.) We do have lots of fresh eggs from our pastured hens.

On Friday I will be in Dartmouth Crossing at 10:30, downtown Dartmouth at 11, St. Patrick’s Church on Brunswick St. at 11:30, Argyle St. at noon, 1540 Henry St. at 12:30, Bayer’s Lake at 1:30, Bedford Commons at 2:15, Enfield at 2:45, Elmsdale at 3, and Truro at 4:30. If you would like to place an order, please let me know by Tuesday evening so I can have orders and invoices ready on Wednesday.

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