Mixed Company

We had a nice rain this afternoon to nourish the grass, just in time to head off a very dry summer.

The pasture season is going well at the farm this year. For the first time in a few years we have our “menagerie” on the go again – a mixture of different livestock all grazing together. So far, the menagerie consists of pigs and young beef cattle grazing together, with the horses and donkey following behind them as clean-up crew.

Pigs can get so much of their feed from pasture; prior to the Second World War, most of the protein in pig diets came from pasture or hay, and they certainly do love to eat clover.

I have an intern working with me this summer, Adam MacLean, who has been instrumental in getting the menagerie going. He had read that grazing sheep with pigs will help the pigs learn to graze better. Although we haven’t added the sheep (yet!) we do see the pigs grazing more since the cattle were mixed in. It is also funny to watch the pigs scratch on the cows legs!

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