Autumn is Here

The evenings are certainly cool on the farm now. Last night I took the horses for a ride with my daughter to check on some pastures. It was warm when we left, but as the sun went down, we became quite chilly. The sunset was beautiful though.

I will be delivering into Halifax and Truro this Thursday, October 1 (Friday I am taking my kids and their animals to the provincial 4-H show). My delivery plans for the next few weeks are as follows: Thursday October 1, regular deliveries; Thursday October 8, deliver Thanksgiving turkeys to Truro; Friday October 9, deliver Thanksgiving turkeys to Halifax; Friday October 16, regular deliveries. I can take some products other than turkeys for October 8th and 9th, but would prefer to focus on turkeys then, as it is a very busy week for us.

For this week we have lots of whole chickens, ranging from 3 lb to 7 lb (we have some larger ones now). There are lots of chicken pieces – breasts, wings, legs, drums, thighs, and ground. We have chicken backs for soup and also some chicken livers. We have chicken honey-garlic sausages. We will have turkeys this week, from 10 lb to 30 lb. There are also turkey breasts, wings, drumettes and drums. I won’t have any ground turkey this week. There are pork chops, roasts, ground pork, ham steaks, ham roasts, ham shanks, deli-sliced ham, Italian, breakfast, and honey-garlic pork sausages. For beef we have ground, stew, all different steaks, sirloin tip roasts, cross rib roasts, short ribs, and soup bones. Lamb chops, shanks, ground, stew, legs, and racks are available. We have a good supply of eggs as well.

We still have some turkeys available for Thanksgiving, in the 8 to 15 lb range (and frozen ones in the larger sizes), and Christmas turkeys in all sizes.

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