Winter is coming...

The chill of November is a sign that it is soon going to be winter on the farm. The firewood is all stacked in the barn, and we are close to being ready for the snowfall. There is still some fencing I would like to get done before the ground freezes, to have their field ready for winter grazing of the cows, but I need to make a few repairs to my tractor-mounted post mall. The machine is 35 years old, and parts are hard to find. I do like the slower pace that comes with the cooler weather, as it provides time to enjoy the farm life more fully, and to reflect on the past season’s ups and downs. It looks like the cows will have enough pasture until mid-January, if the snow doesn’t get too deep, and the sheep will be grazing until Christmas. There are 3 sows ready to have piglets this week. New piglets are always fun to have around, watching then burrow in the hay and explore their new world. There truly is never a dull moment on a farm.

My next delivery will likely be on November 27.

This week we have lots of whole chickens, from 3 to 9 lb, chicken breasts, wings, legs, thighs, drums, and ground. For turkey we have whole birds from 13 to 30 lb, boneless breasts around 2 lb each, wings, and drums. We also have smoked turkey breast in 200 gram packages. Pork this week includes chops, ground, ham steaks, ham roasts, deli-sliced ham, shoulder roasts, breakfast sausage, Oktoberfest sausage, and knackwurst sausage. All cuts of beef are available except for stew cubes, and for lamb we have chops, ground, stew, racks, and legs. Egg supply may be a little tight this week, as the hens are adjusting to moving indoors. A full list of our products and prices are available on our website:

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